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  •   WAGS Spring 2014 Club Teams
    U09 Girls   W0430 STAF Revolution 04G Blue
    U10 Girls   W0342 STAF Revolution 03G Blue
    U11 Girls   W0244 STAF Revolution 02G Blue
    U12 Girls   W0159 STAF Revolution 01G Blue
    U13 Girls   W2049 STAF Revolution 00G Blue
    U14 Girls   W9969 STAF Revolution 99G Blue
    U16 Girls   W9782 STAF Revolution 97G Blue
    U17 Girls   W9665 STAF Revolution 96G White
    U19 Girls   W9603 STAF Revolution 96G Blue HS
      Club Field Directions
    Brenman Park Stadium Duff Green Park #1 Duff Green Park #2
    Duff Green Park #2A Duff Green Park #2B Patawomeck Park #2
    Patawomeck Park 1A Small Smith Lake Park #1 Smith Lake Park #2
    Smith Lake Park #2A Small Smith Lake Park #2B Small
      Club Contact Information
      Sean Harrigan 
      (H) 540-659-4990 
     (C) 540-907-9796 
    Other Club Official
      Barry Hill 
      (H) 540-207-3605 

    Director of Coaching
      Kyle Lessig 
      (H) 540-657-0734 

    Travel Director
      Renee Frey 
      (H) 540-318-6026 
     (C) 571-237-9774 
    Field Coordinator
      Monica Lovett-Groat 

     (C) 757-685-1175 
    WAGS Club Rep
      Vincent Yates 
      (H) 540-657-5962 
     (C) 540-273-7515 
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