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  • WAGS Fall 2014 Club Teams
    U11 Girls W0369 SAC Premier Blue
    U11 Girls W0370 SAC Premier White
    U11 Girls W0371 SAC United Blue
    U12 Girls W0274 SAC United Blue
    U12 Girls W0275 SAC United White
    U13 Girls W0197 SAC Premier Blue
    U13 Girls W0196 SAC United Blue
    U13 Girls W01109 SAC United Classic II
    U14 Girls W2022 SAC Premier White
    U14 Girls W2059 SAC Blitz Ajax
    U14 Girls W2062 SAC Blitz Eindhoven
    U14 Girls W2000 SAC Premier Blue
    U14 Girls W2014 SAC United Blue
    U15 Girls W9998 SAC Showcase Blue
    U15 Girls W9995 SAC United Blue
    U15 Girls W9931 SAC United Gold
    U16 Girls W9875 SAC Premier White
    U16 Girls W9876 SAC United Warriors
    U16 Girls W9869 SAC United White
    U17 Girls W9784 SAC United Attack
    U17 Girls W9725 SAC United Blue (Chaos)
    U18 Girls W9668 SAC Premier Kickers HS
    WAGS Spring 2014 Club Teams
    U11 Division G W0273 SAC Premier Blue
    U11 Division X W0274 SAC United Blue
    U11 Division P W0275 SAC United White
    U12 Division 2 W0197 SAC Premier Blue
    U12 Division 5D W0196 SAC United Blue
    U12 Division 5E W01109 SAC United Classic II
    U13 High School Sit-out W2022 SAC Premier White
    U13 Division 1 W2059 SAC Blitz Ajax
    U13 Division 3 W2062 SAC Blitz Eindhoven
    U13 High School Sit-out W2000 SAC Premier Blue
    U13 Division 3 W2014 SAC United Blue
    U13 Division 4 White W2089A SAC United White
    U14 Division 3 W9998 SAC Showcase Blue
    U14 High School Sit-out W9974 SAC United Premier
    U14 Division 3 W9995 SAC United Blue
    U14 Division 5 W9931 SAC United Gold
    U15 Division 1 W9875 SAC Premier White
    U15 Division 3 W9876 SAC United Warriors
    U15 Division 5 White W9869 SAC United White
    U16 Division 5 White W9784 SAC United Attack
    U16 Division 2 W9725 SAC United Blue (Chaos)
    High School Division 2 W9449 SAC Premier Blue HS
    High School Division 1 W9668 SAC Premier Kickers HS
      Field Directions
    Altholton High School #1 Turf Blandair Park #2 Cedar Lane (Howard Co. East Area) #7
    Covenant Park # 3 Covenant Park #4 Covenant Park #5
    Covenant Park #6 Covenant Park #8A Covenant Park 9B
    Fairland Aquatic Center soccer field Fairland Rec Park #5 TURF Glenelg Country School Athletic Field 1
    Hammond High School Turf Field Howard CC #1 Howard CC #3A
    Howard CC #3B Howard CC #4 Howard CC #4A
    Howard CC 4B Long Reach High School Stadium fied Oakland Mills High School Stadium Turf
    Western Regional Park #7 Western Regional Park #8
      Contact Information
      Tony Salazar 
      (H) 410-203-9590 

     (F) 410-203-9592 
    Addl. Field Contact
      Craig Blackburn 
     (W) 410-203-9590   (C) 410-336-8674   (F) 410-203-9592 
    Addl. Field Contact
      Sharon Finney 
      (H) 410-203-9590   (W) 410-203-9590 
     (F) 410-203-9592 
    WAGS Club Rep
      Helen Harlin 
      (H) 410-804-9484 
     (C) 410-804-9484 
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