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  • WAGS Fall 2015 Club Teams
    U11 Division G W0467 SAC United Blue
    U11 Division G W0468 SAC United White
    U12 Division G W0370 SAC United Gold
    U12 Division L W0369 SAC United White
    U12 Division J W0371 SAC United Blue
    U13 Division 1 W0275 SAC United Blue
    U13 Division 3 W0274 SAC United White
    U14 Division 3 W0197 SAC United Blue
    U14 Division 4 W0196 SAC United Gold
    U14 Division 5 W01109 SAC United White
    U15 High School Sit-out W2062 SAC Premier White
    U15 High School Sit-out W2022 SAC United Blue
    U15 High School Sit-out W2014 SAC United White
    U16 Division 2 W9998 SAC Showcase Blue
    U16 High School Sit-out W9931 SAC United Gold
    U17 High School Sit-out W9876 SAC United Blue
    U17 High School Sit-out W9869 SAC United White
      Club Field Directions
    Covenant Park # 5B Covenant Park # 6A Covenant Park # 6B
    Covenant Park #4 Howard CC #4A Howard CC 4B
    Long Reach High School Stadium fied Troy Park #4
      Club Contact Information
      Tony Salazar 
      (H) 410-203-9590 

     (F) 410-203-9592 
    Addl. Field Contact
      Craig Blackburn 
     (W) 410-203-9590   (C) 410-336-8674   (F) 410-203-9592 
    Addl. Field Contact
      Sharon Finney 
      (H) 410-203-9590   (W) 410-203-9590 
     (F) 410-203-9592 
    WAGS Club Rep
      Helen Harlin 
      (H) 410-804-9484 
     (C) 410-804-9484 
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