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  •   WAGS Spring 2014 Club Teams
    U09 Girls   W0447 LMVS Patriots Red
    U09 Girls   W0449 LMVS Patriots White
    U10 Girls   W0341 LMVS Patriots White (03)
    U10 Girls   W0340 LMVS LMVSC Patriots Red
    U11 Girls   W0223 LMVS LMVSC Patriots Red 02
    U11 Girls   W0224 LMVS Patriots White
    U12 Girls   W0140 LMVS Patriots Red
    U12 Girls   W0110 LMVS Patriots White
    U13 Girls   W2079 LMVS LMVSC Patriots '00 White
    U13 Girls   W2016 LMVS Patriots Red
    U14 Girls   W9932 LMVS Patriots 99 Blue
    U14 Girls   W9948 LMVS Patriots Red
    U14 Girls   W9947 LMVS Patriots White
    U15 Girls   W9890 LMVS Patriots '98
    U15 Girls   W9880 LMVS Patriots 98 Blue
    U15 Girls   W9805 LMVS Patriots Red
    U16 Girls   W9794 LMVS Patriots White
    U17 Girls   W9671 LMVS Patriots 96
    U17 Girls   W9686 LMVS Patriots Red
    U19 Girls   W9718 LMVS Patriots Red HS
    U19 Girls   W9463 LMVS Patriots 95 HS
      Club Field Directions
    Bryant Alt HS Turf Bull Run Park #3 Edison High School Lower Field
    Edison High School Stadium Field Franconia Park #4 Lee District Park #4 Left
    Lee District Park #4 Right Lee District Park Lee District Lee High School #1
    Manchester Lakes Park Upper South Run Park #5 West Springfield HS
      Club Contact Information
      Lula Bauer Director@lmvsc.org 
      (H) 703-960-6885 

    Director of Coaching
      Danny Wadeson DOC@lmvsc.org 

     (C) 571-839-1896 
    Field Coordinator
      Lula Bauer LEBauer827@aol.com 
      (H) 703-960-6885 
     (C) 703-869-6366   (F) 703-960-1413 
    WAGS Club Rep
      Carol Montoya carol@potomacmanagementresources.com 
     (W) 703-778-4651   (C) 703-981-3498 
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