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  • WAGS Fall 2014 Club Teams
    U09 Girls WE0503 CYA '05B Gold
    U09 Girls WE0502 CYA '05B Purple
    U09 Girls W0537 CYA '05G Gold
    U09 Girls W0536 CYA '05G Purple
    U10 Girls WE0405 CYA '04B Gold
    U10 Girls WE0404 CYA '04B Purple
    U10 Girls W0410 CYA '04G Black
    U10 Girls W0454 CYA '04G Purple
    U11 Girls W0360 CYA '03 Purple
    U13 Girls W0162 CYA Cougars '01
    U13 Girls W0123 CYA SR United
    U14 Girls W2087 CYA Santos
    U15 Girls W9936 CYA '99 Purple
    U17 Girls W9757 CYA Adrenaline
    U19 Girls W9683 CYA GC United
    WAGS Spring 2014 Club Teams
    U09 Division H W0454 CYA '04G Purple
    U10 Division G W0360 CYA '03 Purple
    U12 Division 1 W0125 CYA FCV United 01 West
    U12 Division 1 W0162 CYA Cougars '01
    U12 Division 5A W0123 CYA SR United
    U13 Division 1 W2019 CYA FCV United '00
    U13 Division 1 W2087 CYA Santos
    U14 Division 4 W9936 CYA '99 Purple
    U16 Division 4 W9757 CYA Adrenaline
    U17 Division 5 W9683 CYA GC United
    High School Division 2 W9553 CYA Hotshots '95 HS
      Field Directions
    Arrowhead #2 Crossfield ES Franklin Glen
    Franklin MS #2 Franklin MS RF #3 Fred Crabtree
    Gov. Thomas Johnson MS #2 Greenbriar 5A 5A Greenbriar 5B 5B
    Greenbriar Park 5 Howard CC #4 Oakton HS 3
    Oakton HS 60 #2 (lower) Poplar Tree Park #2 Poplar Tree Park #3
    St Veronica's Field 1 Westfield High School Stadium
      Contact Information
    WAGS Club Rep
      Paul Barboza 
      (H) 703-435-0944 
     (C) 703-472-8909 
      Carlos Orantes 
      (H) 703-785-2188 

    Field Coordinator
      Phil Yanchulis 
      (H) 703-715-1085 
     (C) 703-582-9368 
    Referee Assignor
      Alan Liotta 

     (C) 703-437-3659 
    Director of Coaching
      Carlos Orantes 
      (H) 703-785-2188 

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