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  October 2012
  Date Time Home Team   Away Team Field Division
13871   Sun Oct 14 1:30 pm W2091 DAA EXPRESS 2:5 W2049 STAF Revolution 00G Blue Davidsonville Park Field B W12DV
16513   Sun Oct 14 9:00 am W9773 DAA Warriors 0:2 W9725 SAC United I Chaos Davidsonville Park Field F W15D2
16243   Sun Oct 14 11:00 am W9859 DAA Riptide 1:0 W9858 MRS ThunderBolts Davidsonville Park Field F W14PD
14819   Sun Oct 14 12:30 pm W9964 DAA Dragons 0:0 W9906 FSC Wildfire Davidsonville Park Field F W13D5B
17817   Sun Oct 14 2:00 pm W9561 DAA Lady Gators 4:0 W9525 LOUD 95G Black Davidsonville Park Field F W17D3
13626   Sun Oct 21 2:30 pm W2092 DAA EXTREME 1:0 W2021 LOUD 00G White Davidsonville Park Field B W12DJ
13877   Sun Oct 21 4:00 pm W2091 DAA EXPRESS 0:3 W2053 FPYC Blue Flame Davidsonville Park Field B W12DV
16247   Sun Oct 21 10:30 am W9859 DAA Riptide 2:4 W9815 CPSA Comets U14 girls Davidsonville Park Field F W14PD
15931   Sun Oct 28 9:00 am W9860 DAA Thunder 2:1 W9878 SEVP Rage Davidsonville Park Field F W14D3
16520   Sun Oct 28 12:00 pm W9773 DAA Warriors 0:0 W9748 CHAN Fury '97 Davidsonville Park Field F W15D2

  - rescheduled in last seven days, - rescheduled since Mar 28

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