Tryout Information
Applications are now available for Fall 2015 Season
Each WAGS team receives one $15 coupon (covers cost of a 30 day basic, single-state, tryout ad) per off-season (winter and summer) through this exclusive program with Potomac Soccer Wire.

Steps to post your ad with Potomac Soccer Wire:
  1. Click the link below to go directly to your age group, or click here to their main classified ad tryouts page:
  2. From the bottom of any page within the Potomac Soccer Wire classified system, you can fill out the form to post your ad. Be sure to include "WAGS" in the “Coupon Code” form field, which will automatically apply your $15 coupon.
  3. When you get to the “Ad Length, Region, and Rate” option, select “1 State Basic, 1 month ($15)” option – or if you wish to apply your $15 coupon to have Soccer Wire run longer or over a wider geography, you can select another option here instead and the system will discount $15 from their rate card automatically.
  4. Once you submit the ad successfully, that’s it, and as long as it's the only ad you've submitted during the current WAGS off-season, the ad will go live within 2 business days. I you have already used your coupon for the same team during the current WAGS off-season, the form will still submit with $15 off, but someone from Soccer Wire will contact you via the email provided in the form to make payment arrangements before the ad will go live.
  5. Your ad will automatically be removed within 30 days of your posting or on before the first day of WAGS play UNLESS you choose to extend your ad on your own by paying Soccer Wire for additional advertising time.
  6. If you need to edit your ad, reply with your changes to the confirmation email your receive from Soccer Wire after posting your ad; or you can submit the ad again with a note in the “Ad Body” section reading “[UPDATE]”.
  7. Please do not email your ad to Soccer Wire like you used to do when submitting to WAGS, you must use their form.
  8. Our rules for what you can put in your ad content regarding your division of play still stand. You can only put the division level of your most recent division at least until the new division structures are announced. You must also select the age group the team is at the time you post your ad, not the "rising" age for ads posted in the summer. Soccer Wire will automatically update the age groups on August 1 to reflect every teams' current age.
  9. Reminder that your free basic ad with Potomac Soccer Wire will be removed on the first day of WAGS play each season, even if you posted it less than 30 days prior to that date.

Here are the links directly to each age groups' tryouts on Soccer Wire:


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