Tryout Information
Applications are now available for Spring 2016 Season

Each WAGS team receives one free Basic level tryout ad per off-season (winter and summer) through this exclusive program with Potomac Soccer Wire.

Steps to post your ad with Potomac Soccer Wire:

  1. Click the link below to go to their main classified ad page:
  2. After providing your contact information, select "Basic" under the "Featured or Basic Ad" option (unless you want to pay on your own for a Featured)
  3. A select box will appear titled "BASIC Ad Category", select "Tryouts/Players Wanted: Single Teams".
  4. A new select box will appear titled "Months of $10 Basic Ad", select ONLY 1 unless you want to pay additional months on your own.
  5. Under the section for "Gender Classification", select Female
  6. Under the section for "Age Group (use current age)", select your team's CURRENT age, even if it in the summer and the team has not yet "aged up". Soccer Wire automatically updates team ages on August 1 each year.
  7. Under "Ad Headline" fill in what you want, but only put in  your CURRENT WAGS Division if you include such a thing. Soccer Wire recommends using "Rising" and the next age group up when posting in the summer but before August 1.
  8. Under "Basic Ad Body", you have only 100 words to provide information about your tryout and/or your team.
  9. For the "Desired Start Date of Ad" section, you can request Soccer Wire to wait to post your ad for a future date, or just put in today's date to start it within their promised 2 business days of processing time for new ads.
  10. Check the box next to "Coupon Code" and fill in WAGS when the "Enter Code?" field appears.
  11. Submit
  12. Your add will appear within 2 business days here:
  13. If you entered a valid email address, you will get an automatic email from Soccer Wire confirming the form was successfully submitted. If you do not receive this email, you likely had an error in your email address as provided or their email went to your spam filter. If you don't see your ad appear at the link above within 2 business days, you can call them at 703-433-1887 to confirm there was no error in the form submission.
  14. If you have an edit to your ad, reply to the email confirmation mentioned above with the specific changes or follow the instructions provided in that email if Soccer Wire has another process for edits.

Here are the links directly to each age groups' tryouts on Soccer Wire:


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